Just a quick note - sometimes my iMac tells me that I HAVE responded to messages when, in fact, people have not received them.

If you are NOT receiving answers, message me again and I’ll respond from my iPad so you do get it - sorry for the inconvenience. 

-Abigail :) 

This was meant for this blog. My brain is not working.

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xsadiax whispered,

Welcome :) Do you need an Admin from Poland? :3 I could apply with pleasure ^ ^

Hi there! 

I will ask Abbie if we are having other Admins but we’ll get back to you soon! :)

- Maddie x

Don't forget to join our FaceBook group!

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed the blog, twitter and joined the facebook group!

- Maddie <3 

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deadlysassassin whispered,

requested le group :3

Awesome! Thanks for joining :)

therearetoomanyurlstaken whispered,

I like this already! Can't wait for this to grow into a massive something. Already joined the FB & Twitter. xxx

Yay! I had a thought last night - “I can’t find a Benedict Street Team … Let’s make one!” and I dragged Maddie along for the ride. We both had horrible thoughts of no one joining!

Glad you like it :)

fuckbellabells whispered,

Can I join this amazing group?

Of course! You can follow this tumblr, follow the twitter and join the Facebook group! All of the links are in the sidebar :)

br0beanz answered your question: Join the Benedict Cumberbatch Street Team!

how does one do such a thing?

Hi! You can follow our Tumblr page, our Twitter page and join our FaceBook group! 

We are still in the process of getting set-up and everything, though. We’re only 2 days old!

Anonymous whispered,

What is this group about? I mean, street team?


Basically, a street team is a group of individuals working together to promote something. It could be a band, an actor, a writer - pretty much anything. In our case, it’s Benedict Cumberbatch. Our aims are to make Benedict and his projects better known and to support him every step of the way. :)